Spaces Edition 1

Half buried in to the side of the Fourvière hillside and next to the archeological remains of the Gallo-Roman civilization in Lyon, the Gallo-Roman Museum of Lyon-Fourvière is a marvel of bare concrete. Step inside and the cast concrete ceiling leads you to a spiral staircase and into the first exhibition room.

You're greeted there by a continuous but gradual downward ramp that guides you down multiple levels of exhibitions and past 2 viewports that jut out the side of the hill, allowing for natural light in to the building and a gorgeous view of the Roman theatre archeological site.

Slanted columns give the interior a beautiful sense of geometry, while recessed windows in the ceiling let in even more natural light. It's a must see for architecture lovers everywhere.The museum was designed by Bernard Zehrfuss and opened in 1975. Find out more on their website at

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