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Oceans For All - Web Design

Oceans For All is a Phuket-based marine conservation organisation.The project works towards getting local hotels, tour operators and businesses to work together to minimise their contribution to the damage of marine ecosystems and reduce their carbon footprints ass far as possible.


Tanganyika Angling Challenge - Magazine Design & Layout

The Tanganyika Angling Challenge (formerly the Zambia National Fishing Competition) is a fishing competition held annually in Zambia, on the southern edge of Lake Tanganyika. It draws sports fishing enthusiasts from around the country for a 5-day catch-and-release competition.


Pangaea Securities - Web Design

Pangaea Securities is a provider of Investment Banking, Brokerage Trading, Proprietary Investing and Asset Management in Zambia. Their growth has been significant in the past years, contributing to the conception and growth of many businesses in the country.


Phuket Academy of Performing Arts - Web Design

The Phuket Academy of Performing Arts is one of the leading music and performance academies in Phuket. It provides training to multiple private educational institutions as well as individuals on the island.


Lilayi Lodge - Web Design

Lilayi Lodge is a boutique luxury lodge located on a private game farm about 15km outside of Lusaka, Zambia. The lodge boasts luxury chalets, family chalets and a corporate meeting facility. One of Lusaka’s highest-rated restaurants is situated next to the pristine pool, with facilities for weddings, concerts, corporate retreats and other events.

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